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Wow! I had no idea 1,500 people died in Titanic’s sinking! It’s as if I don’t base my views on whether or not it’s okay to salvage Titanic on the number of people who died. It’s almost as if I actually bother to use a little bit of common sense and logic in forming my views on Titanic salvage and go beyond the simple-minded notion of “PEOPLE DIED!@!!#@!$#”. I must be so stupid not to see the light of reason when an accidental disaster site with no remains left is compared to an Egyptian tomb or a small town cemetery. I mean wow, twice that many people died on 9/11 in lower Manhattan, and unlike Titanic where any bodies left there have long since disintegrated, there are probably still many tiny bone fragments littered around lower Manhattan. By the perfect logic of “more dead people = more grave site”. I’ve been a fool not to refer to a large chunk of Manhattan as a grave yard. And I also had no idea that we already knew everything about the Titanic! Who’d a thunk it?! Obviously we need to stop all expeditions now based on the argument of a random person on the interwebs. Wow, what an idiot I have been!




Workers looking up at the Titanic during its construction phase.

This is actually Titanic's sister ship Olympic.


No but really, sometimes I feel like I’m one of the only ones on this site who tends to point this stuff out, I’m glad that’s not the case. :P

This is my Titanic Collection:
8 books: 'James Cameron's Titanic', 'Exploring The Deep: Titanic Expeditions', 'How to Survive The Titanic: The Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay', 'Titanic Valour: The Life of Harold Lowe', 'The story of the unsinkable Titanic', 'The history of the unsinkable Titanic' , 'Titanic: the real story of the construction of the unsinkable ship' & 'Titanic: a very peculiar history with added iceberg'

2 Limited Collections
'15 anniversary of Titanic (1997) & 100 anniversary of R.M.S Titanic' (released 2012)
'Titanic VHS w/ filmcell & cards' (released 1998)

3 DVDS (not including inside limited collection)
'BBC Titanic  tv film 2012'
'Titanic 1997' (Bali copy)
'Titanic special edition' (2007)

Titanic 3D 2012 movie poster—from movie theatre, back is mirrored text.

"Heart of the ocean" style necklace. anniversary present from ex. from local jewellery store, bought around the time of centenary anniversary of Titanic.

That’s a nice little collection, thanks for sharing! Exploring the Deep is a great book to have.

aeterna-umbra2 said: The only thing I dislike about 'Titanic' is the final scene, where Rose dies and meets those who died on the Titanic. She spent an entire life building a family and meeting no doubt hundreds of friends, and she ends up with people she knew for a few days? With a boy she had a relationship with for a while and not with the man she spent her life with? Please, justify this if you can.

I don’t have to justify it, it’s not my movie.

I don’t care in any case, though. The extent of my care for the 1997 film is the historical aspects of it and the ship/sets, Jack and Rose are barely an afterthought. My primary interest is the ship itself and a lot of things that don’t have to do with the movie. And if someone does want to obsess their entire life over someone they knew for a few days, far be it for me to question that. Do what you want.



Friendly reminder that in 1900, Charles Lightoller pranked the entire population of Sydney, Australia by rigging up a cannon to go off during the night and putting up a Boer flag at their fort, convincing the locals that their town had been invaded. 

It’s true:


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Many people mistake that certain piece of wood for a door. Some people know it’s not a door, but don’t know what it actually is. This should clear things up.

A++++ to the art department’s researchers on this one because I don’t want to believe that to be a fluke.

Very interesting article …


Calm down, angry reblogger, and have a look at this post I made specially for this kind of reaction:


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I’m sure I mentioned this already but the crew on the Titanic making it their priority to keep the ship lit even as it’s almost parallel to the water, like…..
so many heroes that died that night.

Titanic’s lights were on all the way to the point that it broke apart, a couple minutes before she went completely under. The engineers kept the lights on as long as they could, and stayed until the last moment.

All 25 engineers and assistant engineers and all 6 electricians died.

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An addendum to my post about the panel not being a door, because every second person who reblogged it felt like replying or tagging with “but Jack could fit!”

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RMS Carpathia Sinks After Being Struck by U-boat Torpedo

17 July 1918

On this day in British history, 17 July 1918, RMS Carpathia sank off the coast of Ireland after being torpedoed by a German U-boat. Carpathia was a Cunard Line transatlantic passenger steamship built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson. Carpathia made her maiden voyage in 1903 and became famous for rescuing the survivors of RMS Titanic after it struck an iceberg and sank on 15 April 1912. Carpathia was used during WWI to transport American and Canadian troops across the Atlantic. 

On the summer morning of 17 July she was torpedoed in the Celtic Sea by the Imperial German Navy submarine U-55. Of three torpedoes fired at the ship, one impacted the port side while the other penetrated the engine room, killing two firemen and three trimmers. All 57 passengers and 218 surviving crew members boarded the lifeboats as the vessel sank. U-55 surfaced and fired a third torpedo into the ship and was approaching the lifeboats when the Azalea-class sloop HMS Snowdrop arrived on the scene and drove away the submarine with gunfire before picking up the survivors from Carpathia.

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I’m not quite sure “exact replica” is the correct term.

(The black and white photos show Olympic’s staircase, which was identical to Titanic’s.)

Those who follow me might know that sometimes I get very easily and very much annoyed by some things in the Titanic world. One of the things that makes me most angry is when people push the Titanic/Olympic switch conspiracy “theory”.

The switch conspiracy, largely formulated and/or popularized by Robin Gardiner, posits that the Titanic and her identical sister ship Olympic were switched with each other while Titanic was under construction, and that it was Olympic that was supposed to be intentionally sunk as part of an insurance scam. According to this idea, things didn’t quite go right, and so people died, but it’s supposed to be Olympic down there on the ocean floor.

There are many ways to go about debunking this ridiculous conspiracy. One can look at archival evidence, you could just go down to the wreck, or you can just use common sense. For the ships to be switched, which is supposed to have happened in an extremely short time, thousands of workers would have had to switch thousands of fittings between the two ships, not to mention make many major and minor changes to both ships to make them resemble the other in their details. No evidence of this has ever been found in the wreck or elsewhere, and if it were true, those thousands of shipyard workers must have been awfully good at staying quiet about it.

Much of the supposed evidence some people present is merely a matter of ignorance, such as those pointing out a couple extra portholes under the forecastle while Titanic was in Southampton were not there in post-launch photos, or that the positions of the lettering of the ship’s name on the bow suspiciously change, not realizing that the portholes were a known addition made during fitting-out, and that photographers of the time often touched up photographic negatives by erasing, adding, or enhancing details, such as imperfectly scratching out the ship’s name in the photo when it was not easily visible in the untouched photo. Other “evidence” is entirely fabricated, often due to astounding levels of ignorance. Many of Gardiner’s claims are just that: Fabricated. (Of course, all “good” conspiracy theorists will just tell me I’m wrong and that I’m only buying the “official” story, and that I’m probably just a government shill and that I need to “wake up”.)

Perhaps one of the most blatantly fabricated claims from this conspiracy hypothesis is that of the names on the ship’s bow being switched. A popular “documentary” making the rounds on Youtube, largely based on Gardiner’s claims and hosted by a man whose jaw very well could have sunk the Titanic (oh I’m sorry, I mean Olympic), makes the claim that Robert Ballard and his team once looked at the ship’s name on the wreck, and ended up seeing an “M P”, part of “O L Y M P I C”. The documentary also claims that while the White Star Line engraved the lettering into the hulls of their ships, Titanic’s letters were steel letters that were riveted onto the hull, and that the M and P were visible after two of the letters supposedly fell off the wreck, implying that T I T A N I C was simply riveted over the engraved letters of O L Y M P I C.

That claim, above all else, is as fabricated as Jack and Rose. A screenshot from that “documentary” has been spread around by conspiracy believers which shows an M and P on the wreck, shown above, but it;’s not what it seems. If you watch that part (starting at 9:30) of the actual “documentary”, you’ll find that it’s nothing more than a fake CGI job, and poorly-done at that. That computer-generated image is the only such supposed image showing an M and P, and has often been passed around as being real, helping to further illustrate the pure ignorance of conspiracy believes.

If you look at actual wreck footage showing Titanic’s name on the bow section, you’ll see that not only is there not an M or P, or any sign of any other letters, but that the letters are not riveted onto the hull, but cut into the plating. At no point in that footage, or any other imagery, have I ever seen any sign of an M P or any sort of foul play. As for Ballard seeing an M and P, that’s a claim I’ve only ever heard from that debacle of a “documentary” and anybody who watched it. Many dives have been made to the wreck, and if there genuinely was an M P, or that the letters were riveted on, it wouldn’t be something you’d only hear on websites whose articles all include the term “SHOCKING TRUTH”. (Oh, yes, I forgot, they all must have been paid off by the government and banks and any footage edited by the CIA and NWO). Of course there are some who claim to see an M or P in the actual Titanic wreck footage, but it’s always merely a trick of the eye caused by them either seeing patterns made by rot on the wreck, or not knowing what they’re looking at in the first place. Like when Jesus or Mary are seen on toasted cheese sandwiches only by those who believe in those things, an M or P have only been seen by conspiracy believers who only see what they want to see.

And if you only see what you want to see, like most conspiracy believers on the internet, then there’s nothing I can say that will convince you otherwise. But please, for the love of Sagan, stop shoving this shite “documentary” into people’s faces, and stop using that M P image as proof.

"Thank you for that fine forensic analysis Mr. Bodine."

"Of course, the experience was… somewhat different.”

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Play Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Online


This is a really fun oldskool point-and-click adventure game. Highly recommended if you’re into the genre.

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