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As our first character model to be nearly completed and recently revealed, we present Captain Edward J. Smith of the RMS Titanic.

The Smith model was created by a very talented modeler who has also done Thomas Andrews, who we may show later on.

This is only a basic rendering of the character model, and not in-game with final, realistic materials, so the beard and other elements will not look like this in the final game. Once the model is rigged, animated, placed in-game, and polished, we will have a life-like recreation of Captain Smith the player will be able to interact with in-game.

We also discussed briefly the character model, as well as a short campaign we had to raise funds to continue having these models made, during our 102nd anniversary podcast, which you can listen to here.

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Titanic Photo PSA:

See these images? Each of these images were taken aboard and shows a room on Titanic. These rooms, excepting the distant possibility of one other, are the ONLY interior areas of the Titanic that were ever photographed for which photos are known to exist today. There are more photos than these, but they show some of the same rooms. The rooms shown above are:

  • First Class Staterooms B57, B58, Sitting Room B51, A37, B60, B63, B64, and B59.
  • Starboard and Port Private Promenades
  • Cafe Parisien
  • Starboard-Side Verandah/Palm Court
  • Gymnasium
  • Turkish Bath Cooling Room
  • Plunge Bath
  • Wireless Room
  • First Class Dining Saloon

To our knowledge, no photos of any other rooms on Titanic have surfaced. Photos showing any other rooms aside from these, as well as some of these rooms, are of their equivalents aboard Olympic, Titanic’s near-identical sister ship.

The same goes for many exterior photos of Titanic and Olympic. For example, there are no known photos that show Titanic’s propellers. If you see a photo that’s purported to show Titanic’s propellers, such as the face-on one with people standing below them, you can be sure it’s actually Olympic. Other photos are easier to tell apart, most due to the fact that Olympic’s A-Deck promenade was open along its entire length, while Titanic’s was partly enclosed.

The most popular photos associated with Titanic, those of the famous Grand Staircase, are not actually of Titanic, but Olympic. However, due to most people’s ignorance of this fact, and the differences between the two ships, and often that Titanic even had a sister ship, or due to simple misinformation, most postings and even many publications of Olympic’s Grand Staircase photos are mislabeled as being of Titanic.

To date, there are no known photos that show Titanic’s Grand Staircase. If they exist, they’ve yet to be found or publicly released. This is a simple fact, a fact known to any and every expert, researcher and historian who knows their stuff about these ships. It’s not up for debate, especially where it’s obvious to anyone knowledgeable about Titanic that these Grand Staircase photos do not show Titanic.

This fact can be difficult to discern due to the aforementioned mislabeling of said photos. Google searching any Olympic Grand Staircase image, and indeed just about any image of Olympic’s interiors, will get you many, many results that say it’s Titanic, possibly to the point that it’s nearly impossible to find one that says it’s Olympic.

This, however, does not mean the photo is actually of Titanic. Even if it’s in a book. Many books on Titanic are known to have mislabeled photos. One book even has a set of deck plans labeled as “Titanic” when it actually shows Olympic when her interior layout differed greatly in some areas from Titanic. I’ve even seen photos of the RMS Queen Mary, a ship entirely different from Titanic in every way, labeled as being Titanic, most notably a photo of the Queen Mary being launched. If you reverse-image search the Queen Mary launch image, many, if not most of the results you’ll find will say it’s Titanic. This does not mean it’s Titanic.

So, please, when sharing images supposedly of Titanic, make sure to the best of your ability that it really is Titanic, or Olympic, and label accordingly.

This has been a Public Service Announcement for Tumblr’s Titanic blogosphere.

(Sources: NMNI, Encyclopedia Titanica, Wikipedia, DA, & elsewhere)

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Of Titanic’s entire crew, only 23 were female?

From Titanic’s crew of around 900, the 23 female crew members consisted of:

  • 2 A La Carte Restaurant Cashiers
  • 1 Matron
  • 18 Stewardesses
  • 2 Turkish Bath Stewardesses

Of the 23, Catherine Wallis, Lucy Snape, and Catherine Walsh were the only three to be lost in the sinking.

Additionally, the two cashiers were among only three out of Titanic’s 69 A La Carte Restaurant staff to survive. A few of the stewardesses who survived were originally turned away from the lifeboats by Second Officer Lightoller because they were crew, not passengers, but found their way into other boats. One of them was urged into a lifeboat by J. Bruce Ismay, who said “Never mind, you are a woman, take your place” after the stewardess had expressed surprise at being allowed in a lifeboat, saying “I am only a stewardess.”

'Did You Know' is courtesy of the Facebook group 'The White Star Liners. Click here to visit the group and join if you’re on Facebook.


April 17th 1912, Titanic would have arrived today in New York harbor. Here is a painting of what it might have looked liked.


Great news!

For those who missed all or part of our live 102nd anniversary podcast, you can listen to all 3 hours and 24 minutes of it here:


In this podcast, we recounted Titanic’s sinking, and discussed Titanic and our video game project while answering some of our listeners’ questions. Project director Tom Lynskey hosted the podcast with project modelers Matt DeWinkeleer and Kyle Hudak, and special guest Steve Hall, Titanic author and historian.

We a good time hosting this, and we definitely wish to do further podcasts in the future. Thank you all for listening, either to the live broadcast or the recording. Again, you can find that recording here.

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The Olympic's First Class Lounge set up as a cinema.


Anonymous asked: I don't know if its just me , but you have been slow into updates , and I want to see what updates have been happening , like , you have not said yet the first class dining room has been finished or even the Verandah Cafe , and on second thought , when will I get to see Third Class General Room updates???

I assume this is directed at Titanic: Honor and Glory?

All the updates for that go on this blog, or the website here.

I personally haven’t posted anything new on the interior since I’m not working on that area. What interior areas I have modeled myself were for another project.

For Honor and Glory, the First Class Dining Saloon and Verandah Cafe and Palm Court have not been finished yet. The Third Class General Room can be seen on our site’s images page, under “in-engine” images:



Titanic In Her Own Words

A video that translates all of the telegraphic messages that the Titanic received and sent over her voyage.  Really chilling.

The director of the “Titanic: Honor and Glory” project, Tom Lynskey, made an independent film about Titanic’s wireless operators. Click here for a clip that depicts the part of the telegraph message exchange where Carpathia first gets involved, and click here for the full film.

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102 years ago today, the RMS Titanic sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, taking more than fifteen hundred souls with it.

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Many people mistake that certain piece of wood for a door. Some people know it’s not a door, but don’t know what it actually is. This should clear things up.

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Our 102nd Anniversary podcast has ended!


We had a fantastic time discussing Titanic, the story, recounting the sinking, paying tribute to the passengers and crew, and answering your questions and interesting with our listeners. We also had a great turnout,with around a hundred people on average listening in, not to mention an immense amount of comments in the podcast discussion.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for the podcast and joined the discussion, especially those of you who stayed the entire three and a half hours. We would also like to thank Steve Hall for appearing on our podcast and helping us to delve into some of the details of Titanic’s story. Finally, we’d like to thank those few who donated before/during the podcast.

We would definitely love to do another podcast, and possibly even make it a regular thing, especially after tonight’s experience. If we do further podcasts or decide to do them regularly, we’ll certainly let you all know about it. Future podcasts won’t be quite as long, of course.

Tonight’s podcast will be available for listening by anybody who missed it or could not stay the entire time. We’ll let you know when that’s up on our site.

Thank you all once more for your time and your participation, and we hope to do this again soon!

- The Honor and Glory Team

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The story of the Titanic is very personal to each person who hears it, almost like a biblical story. This giant ship, all these people in the middle of the ocean, this iceberg, the warnings. What would it have been like to be there on that fateful night? 

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Anonymous asked: I really like your Titanic exterior model, but the anchor chains as seen in the gold Titanic pictures are really bothering me. Are those final? They're much too round, the center bar (the stud) is very thin, and the ends are bizarre as well. You may wish to refer back to your references. Just a minor nitpick. It's the only thing that's bothering me because the model looks so good!

It’s an older model. The anchor chains and other things have been fixed or redone since then. Still possibly not perfect, but better.

Titanic 102nd Anniversary

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