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Titanic Resources

Welcome to the Titanic Resources page. Here you will find a list of sites, books, forums, groups, and other references and resources for everything Titanic and Olympic Class.

The Titanic Research and Modeling Association (TRMA)


The TRMA is a site devoted to Titanic, Britannic, and Olympic, specializing in expertise and research on the Olympic Class Liners, and modeling the ships. The TRMA has a sizable library of reference material, photos, and research articles for those interested in the Titanic. There are references for the beginner and expert modelers as well, such as tutorials and paint/color guides. There is also a forum, where you can discuss Titanic and other ships, post your model photos and artwork, and more.

The White Star Liners Facebook Group


The White Star Liners is a Facebook group for the discussion of the Olympic Class Liners, Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic. If you’re on Facebook, you can join this group, discuss Titanic and her sister ships with others, and share Titanic/Olympic Class-related material with people ranging from the average Titanic fanatic to Titanic researchers and authors of note.

Modeling the Olympic Class Facebook Group


My Facebook Group dedicated to the modeling of the Olympic Class Liners, Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic. If you’re on Facebook, you can join the group to share pictures of your own modeling work, look at and comment on the works of others, and discuss modeling with others.



Titanic-Titanic is a site which includes a collection of information on Titanic, including passenger/crew lists, and a forum for people to discuss all things Titanic.

Encyclopedia Titanica


One of the more popular Titanic websites, Encyclopedia Titanica is a vast repository of material on the Titanic, including detailed passenger and crew lists, deck plans, articles, and a forum.

Titanic: Honor and Glory - Official Facebook page.


Titanic - Honor and Glory is a video game project aimed at recreating the entire ship inside and out, in detail unparalleled by any other Titanic game, being built to run in Crytek’s Cryengine. Like the T:H&G page to get all the updates on the project, see more info and pictures, and talk with others about the project.

Titanic: Honor and Glory is being created by Four Funnels Entertainment, a group of people including an indie film-maker, 3D modelers, programmers, artists and others with a passion for Titanic and her story. FFE’s historical and technical/visual advisors include artist Ken Marschall, documentarian Parks Stephenson, and author Steve Hall.

Titanic: Honor and Glory - Official Tumblr


The Tumblr blog for the aforementioned Titanic - Honor and Glory video game project. Follow the T:H&G Tumblr to stay up-to-date and see more on the project.

I am the exterior modeler for the project, meaning I’m building the entire outside of the ship. I also do minor texture and model work for some interior and other parts.

The Titanic Walkthrough Project


The Titanic Walkthrough Project is a virtual reconstruction of the Titanic by Clément d’Esparbès, currently a work-in-progress, so many areas are not yet complete. However, you can still exp0lore many parts of the ship. Click here for a post on the project and info on how to use it.

Titanic: The Ship Magnificent


Titanic: The Ship Magnificent is a two-volume book set about every physical aspect of Titanic, inside and out. With hundreds of pages of material on every aspect of the great liner, from the rivets, wires, vents, engines, windows, beams, plates, decks, keel, to the carpet, furniture, stairs, light fixtures, cutlery, and everything in between, covering every deck and room, and accompanied by an immense number of photographs and plans, T:TSM is the definitive set of books for every Titanic buff, and anyone who wants to know more about the ship. It is also a primary source of information for the FFE team.

Titanic General Arrangement Plans by Bruce Beveridge


The Titanic G/A plans are a set of plans covering every deck of Titanic, from the Boat Deck to the Tank Top. They show the layout of every room, and the furniture and other objects within those rooms. They come as a single, large, 3-foot-wide sheet plan with all 10 decks, a profile view, and additional info. Ideal for any Titanic enthusiast, and an invaluable resource for those looking to model the interiors.

The Art of Ken Marschall


The Website of artist Ken Marschall, famous for his many wonderful works of art depicting Titanic, as well as other ships and subjects.

Hahn Titanic Plans


The website of Robert Hahn and his Titanic plans. The plans are a great resource for those looking to model the Titanic, especially when building larger scale, more or less scratch-built models. It also has other Titanic and modeling resources, including a page for the 1/144 Titanic model semi-kit.

RMS Olympic.org


The RMS Olympic was the first of the Olympic Class Liners, and was nearly the same as Titanic in almost every way, especially where many of her interiors are concerned. In the 1930s, Olympic was scrapped, and many of her interior fittings, paneling, fixtures, furniture, etc. were auctioned off.

RMSOlympic.org is a site with a great collection of images and information for several of Olympic’s interiors, including modern color photos of many of Olympic’s interior fittings. These images give us a good idea of what those parts of Titanic must have looked like, and as such is another useful resource for those who are curious about Titanic/Olympic, or are looking to model them. The site is maintained by Stuart Kelly, and is occasionally updated.

Titanic - Adventure Out of Time at Wordpress


A fanblog for the old game “Titanic - Adventure Out of Time”, which posts all kinds of content related to the game, as well as other Titanic-related games/mods, and news.

Yannick Allen’s Titanic 3D


Another stunning, ongoing project by an intrepid 3D modeler to recreate Titanic, Titanic 3D is similar to the Titanic Walkthrough Project, in that it will let you explore Titanic in point-&-click, click-&-drag panoramas of beautiful renderings of the ship’s interior and exterior. Some spots have already been made, and you can visit them here. You can also keep track of the project and stay updated by visiting/liking the Facebook page here.

The Mafia Titanic Mod


The Mafia Titanic Mod is a modification for the game “Mafia: City of Lost Heaven”, featuring a virtual recreation of Titanic, including many of its interior rooms, and will also include a plot one can play through. Graphically, due to limitations with the game engine, it’s not nearly as impressive as Honor and Glory, but it will still prove to be an amazing mod, and a great way for people to explore Titanic. It is still a work in progress.

The Mafia Titanic Mod - Official Facebook page


The Facebook page for the aforementioned Mafia Titanic Mod. Like the MTM page to stay updated on the project and get more info and images.

RMS Titanic Facebook Group


A Facebook group dedicated to general Titanic material.

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